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Definition of concept:

A concept is a string of ideas. A concept holds many ideas together; an idea is like a lego block not the final construction. The final construction is the concept.
Never start a project on a single idea. Build a solid creative concept first.

The concept is the method or the strategy you will use to generate or create the desired outcome. So as a concept you might create images, for a digital media production, of drought-ravaged farms in order to 'highlight the importance of saving water'. What ideas have you for creating these images? What technologies will you use to implement this concept?

Conceptual Thinking:

Is the ability to understand a situation or problem by identifying and addressing key underlying issues and constraints. Conceptual Thinking includes organizing the parts of an issue or situation in a systematic way AND being able to conceive thoughts and ideas - to generalise abstract ideas from specific instances.

About this subject

On successful completion of this subject you should be able to To apply conceptual skills and cognitive processes to generating ideas, developing solutions and solving problems whilst completing a digital media production. Specifically, you should be able to:
1. Determine the outcome to be achieved or define the problem
2. Research and analyse all related information
3. Identify the options by applying problem-solving techniques
4. Analyse the viability of each option
5. Decide on and implement most appropriate solution

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Subject Assessment

A grade ( Distinction >=83, Credit >=70, Pass >= 50, all other cases Fail) will be awarded based on your class mark.
In addition to an overall pass in this module (based on attendance, punctuality, behaviour and class projects) you must pass each of the following assessment events.
Assessment Events:
1. Practical project (details to be advised)…weighting 80%
2. Formal presentation of the practical project…. weighting 20%

Practical Project:

You will conceive an idea relative to the digital media sector, expand on the idea using appropriate methods of research, analysis, and problem solving, and establish a purpose for the concept.
· Suitable concept developed
· Logical argument presented for/against the concept
· Interactive concept map built
· Storyboards, flowcharts, sketches, 'thumb nail' roughs or any other
supporting material developed
· Ability to solve problems
· Ability to think creatively
· Appropriate use of reference material
· Evidence of research clearly documented
· Range of lateral, reasoning and alternative thinking processes explored
· Clear understanding of conceptual thinking skills
· Development of range of visualisation options for a specific brief
· Work submitted on time.

Presentation of the practical project.

You will present your concept to a peer group, using appropriate
presentation methods.
· Logical argument made
· Knowledge of content evident
· Legible and helpful annotation used
· Findings presented clearly and concisely
· Appropriate use of technologies made in support of presentation
· Presentation performed appropriately and with confidence